ElementMoving Coil DynamicMoving Coil DynamicMoving Coil DynamicMoving Coil DynamicMoving Coil Dynamic
Polar patternUni-directional Uni-directional Uni-directional Uni-directional Uni-directional
Frequency80Hz-12kHz 80Hz-1200kHz 80Hz-12kHz 80Hz-13kHz 80Hz-13kHz
(0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
-55dB -53dB±3dB
(0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
-55dB -55dB
Output impedance600Ω (at 1kHz)600Ω 600Ω (at 1kHz)600Ω (at 1kHz)600Ω (at 1kHz)
3m XLR to
1/4” cable
2 x KXL-200 mics /
XLR to XLR cables /
mic clips
3 x KXL-300 mics /
XLR to XLR cables /
mic clips
3 x KXL-581 mics /
mic clips
3 x KXL-881 mics /
XLR to XLR cables /
mic clips
ModelKVX-401 / KVX-502
ReceptionMode Diversity
ModulationFM (F3E)
T.H.D. Distortion<0.8%
Dynamic Range>100, A-Weighting
S/R Ratio>100 @ ±15KHz deviation
Frequency Response50Hz - 15HKz ±3dB
Oscillation ModeQuartz controlled fixed frequency
Sensitivity3μ for 20dB

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Frequency Range500 - 599.5MHz
Modulate RangeFM
Regulable Range50MHz
Channel quantity200
Channel Step Frequencies500KHz
Frequency Stability±0.1%
Dynamic Range80dB
Max. Deviation45KHz
AF Response120Hz - 12KHz (±3dB)
Work Temperature-10°C / +40°C
Receiver ModeDouble frequency conversion super heterodyne
Sensitivity12dB 1V (80dB S/N)
Max. Output Level+10dBv
Transmitter AntennaBody pack transmitter adopts 1/4 wavelength shape antenna.
Handheld microphone built in helix antenna.
Output Power10mW
Cacophony Restrains-60dB
Power Supply2 x AA Batteries
Working Time10mW more than 10 hours

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ModelK1 USB Microphone Pack
Body Material
Cartridge typeØ14mm Condenser
Frequency response20-20KHz
Polar patternUni-directional
Output impedance1500Ω ±10%
Load impedance≥1000Ω
Sensitivity-45dB ±3dB
Equivalent noise level16dB A
S/N ratio77dB
Working current3mA
ConnectorPlug and Play USB

Download K1 USB Microphone Pack User's Manual

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